Creating and Delegating Tasks

From your fileroom dashboard and your content room you can create and delegate tasks to assist you with completing content with your team.

From your fileroom dashboard and your content room you can create and delegate tasks to assist you with collaborating on communications content with your team.
From your Dashboard

  1.  Go to your fileroom dashboard and find the Today’s tasks area.

  2. Click on the round green circle with the + icon in the middle to create a new task.

  3. Enter tasks details.

  4. Assign the task to yourself or one of your team.

  5. Select task status.

  6. Save task and close.

  7. Tasks at this level can general or project specific.

From the Project Page in your Content Room

  1. Click on your project to go into the project page.

  2. On the righthand side, you will see the Checklist widget.

  3. Click on the purple circle with the + to create a new task.

  4. Enter the details, assign to yourself or a team member.

  5. Tasks as this level are project specific.

Knowledge Tip
When you assign a task to team member, it will show up in their tasks panel.