Managing your Master Library

A guide on how to manage your master library

Your master library is a place for you store and manage your original design files and documents used as a basis for forms, reports etc.  These can be files created by fileroom, or files that you upload from previous graphic designers and team members.

  1. You can access your master library by going to your brand room and selecting the Master files widget.

  2. Click on the + circle icon to add master files.

  3. Click the funnel icon to filter your tagged files to make them easy to locate as your library grows. These are for your own reference and document search efficiency.

  4. Use the magnifying glass to search for keywords and generate a list of files which include the keywords.

Knowledge Tip
Tags are a great way to organise the information in your library so it is always at your fingertips.  As your files grow you will want to locate them easily.